About Us

CBAM was founded on August 07, 1986 on the idea that the best investment for any organization is the investment in its human resources, since it is the real wealth of an organization. The main objective of our services is to continuously improving and developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies of human resources in all areas inside the organization, in order to increase the overall organization's efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Who We Are

CBAM is a Cairo City-based training and consultancy firm. We are dedicated to providing services of designing and delivering training programs, financial and management consultancy, business mentoring for entrepreneurs, translation and localization. CBAM is 'Partner - Silver License Holder' at AREOPA Group International in Belgium (www.areopa.com). Under this partnership agreement, CBAM is responsible for marketing AREOPA training programs and consultancy services in Egypt. These training programs and consultancy services focus on the following four areas of expertise: 1) Intellectual Capital, 2) Knowledge Management, 3) Change Management, and 4) Risk Management.

What We Do

We’re a full service online networking firm, founded to provide our customers with the tools and means to make long lasting and valuable connections. Furthermore, CBAM offers a large selection of services tailored specifically to suit the diverse needs of our customers. To learn more please visit the services page.

Mission Statement

We seek to empower human resources from all industries and stages of professional development to experience greater levels of success through our services, in order to develop and promote their professional knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies.



CBAM provides the following services:


1) Design & Conduct Training programs.


2) Financial and Management Consulting.


3) Business Mentoring.


4) Peer-reviewing research papers.


5) Translation & Localization.


CBAM is "Partner - Silver License Holder" at AREOPA Group International in Belgium (www.areopa.com). Under this partnership agreement, CBAM carries out the marketing and sales of AREOPA products and services in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. AREOPA products and services include the design and conduct of training programs and consultation projects in the following four areas of expertise: 1) Intellectual Capital, 2) Knowledge Management, 3) Change Management, and 4) Risk Management.



1) Training Program titled "developing accounting and financial skills of administrative employees at Libyan Oil Institute" in collaboration with GETRAC for training and consultancy, Tripoli, Libya, October 1998.


2) Training Program titled “Train the accountants and credit officers of the Egyptian NGOs”, Social Fund for Development – Egypt's Population Project funded by USAID, Cairo, Egypt, (July – August 2004).


3) Training Program titled "Accounting & Finance for non-financials", this training program was designed and submitted, in collaboration with Institute of Electronic Business (The Egyptian Cabinet), to Palestinian Telecommunication Company "JAWWAL", Amman, Jordan, August 2005.


4) Training Program titled "Managing Capital Expenditures", this training Program was designed and submitted, in collaboration with MADAC for Training & Consultancy in Cairo and Etisalat Academy in Dubai, to the field and office engineers of Al Ain Company for Water and Electricity Distribution, Al Ain, UAE, May 2005.


5) Training Program titled "Disseminate the Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Culture in Yanbu Governorate, Yanbu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia, (November 2014).


6) Consultant (Translation Reviewer) in a Project of " Translating a Finance & Accounting Glossary", in collaboration with Comms Mutlilingual Co. Ltd., Surrey, UK, (October 2013 - April 2014).


7) Arabic Translation of the 1st Volume (10 Chapters) of the textbook titled "“Accounting Principles", written by Jerry Weygandt, Donald Kieso, and Barbara Trenholm, Canadian edition, 1999. This Arabic Textbook titled "Accounting Principles" had been published by Ain Shams Bookstore in Cairo, 2000, (Local ISBN: 15688/2000).


8) Peer Reviewing Services, David Publishing Company in USA, , China-USA Business Review (ISSN 1537-1514) and Chinese Business Review (ISSN 1537-1506), September 2013-present.


9) Peer Reviewing Services, ELK Education Consultants Private Limited EECPL, New Delhi, India, ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Social Sciences, November 2014-present.


10) Consultation Project titled "design of special bylaw of incentives for the air traffic contollers at the Egyptian General Authoriy for Civil Aviation", January-December 1999.


  1. AGI EMEA B.V.B.A. ("AREOPA"), Rembert Dodoensstraat 37, B-2800, MECHELEN, BELGIUM, BE 0450.925.086.

  2. ELK Education Consultants Private Limited EECPL, New Delhi, India.

  3. David Publishing Company, New York, USA.

  4. Comms Multilingual Ltd, Epsom, Surrey, UK.

  5. Yanbu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

  6. EAP for Training & Consultancy, Cairo.

  7. GETRAC for Training & Consultancy, Cairo.

  8. Aldar Alarabiya for training & Consultancy, Cairo.

  9. Formers for Advertising, SAE, Cairo, Egypt.

  10. Unidress Company, LPC, Cairo, Egypt.

  11. Unitex Company for trading & distribution, Joint Venture, Cairo.

  12. Al-Gaooni Company for Film production and distribution, Cairo.

  13. Aro-Art Company for Furniture and furnishings, Cairo.

  14. Radiation treatment Clinic, Prof. Dr. Shawky Al-Haddad, Cairo.

  15. Dentistry Clinic, Dr. Adel Altaneer, Cairo.

  16. Property Owners Company, Marwa & Shaza Salah, Cairo.

  17. Dentistry Clinic, Dr. Hazem Tolba, Cairo.

  18. Scientific Research Center, Prof. Dr. Amr Kareem, Cairo.

  19. Dentistry Clinic, Dr. Khaled Eibid, Cairo.

  20. Orthodontics Clinic, Dr. Khaled Fawzy, Cairo.

  21. Dentistry Clinic, Dr. Malak Badawi, Cairo.

  22. Dentistry Clinic, Dr. Sherif Almofti, Cairo.

  23. Engineering Consulting Company, Eng. Ahmed Nabil, Cairo.

  24. International Company for real estate marketing, Mr. Amr Alhadary, Cairo.



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